Selling something? You probably need a writer.

Many small business owners try to save money by writing their own content – only to find that meaningful content takes more time to create than they initially thought. That's where I come in! I have a knack for helping people discover fresh new ways to tell their story - whether that is blog posts,... Continue Reading →

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4 Things I Learned From Failure

Failure sucks. Although most of us hate when we don't live up to the strict standards we impose on ourselves, sometimes failure can point us to a learning opportunity. For example, several years ago I tried to start a weekend adult dance class followed by a social hour. I mean, we are talking about my... Continue Reading →


Fruits & Veggies in a Snap

🙋‍♀️Today I am sharing a couple of my favorite kitchen tools! What I've learned over the years is that skinny does not mean healthy. What's more important is getting adequate water, rest, exercise and nutrition - which is a challenge when you are always on the go. The reason convenience foods are convenient is because... Continue Reading →

Everything He is Not

Before me is a man who has certainly made a few missteps in his day.  But, he lives with few regrets.  One night over a few cocktails he admitted that of all the things he wished he could change, it would have been to pursue the opportunity to become a U.S. Marshall. He worked hard... Continue Reading →

The Gig Economy: 12 Lessons

In 2015 I entered the gig economy, better known to many as freelancing. Had you shown me a glimpse of my current life a few years ago I would have never believed it. Instead of hours and minutes filled with mundane activity that creates wealth for someone else, I work my ass off to put... Continue Reading →


I was fired. Not let go. Not a layoff. F-I-R-E-D. Granted, that was eight years ago. But it haunted me for a long time. Before that moment I hadn't experienced anything like that. I sincerely thought it was the end of my world. Losing my job happened during a dark time in my life.  I... Continue Reading →

Brunch and a DIY

Oh man - what a long day! So I started my day by making a sausage, sweet potato, and kale breakfast casserole. It sounds like kind of a weird combo but it was AMAZING! Here is a pre-oven shot. I forgot to take a picture of it on my plate because I was too busy... Continue Reading →

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