An Open Letter to My Staff

I finished up my project at my apartment community last week and transitioned my team over to new leadership. I had a great team, and we worked very closely over the past year – so close that they often teased me about my “soapbox” speeches and called me mom.

Although I am excited to move on to my next project I couldn’t leave them without some final words (I don’t think they will ever truly know how much I appreciated their hard work):

1. I believe in all of you. Our success here was because of everyone on this team.

2. Treat you maintenance staff well – these are the guys that will make it happen at the last minute and keep the residents happy.

3. It’s not about LOVING what you do every day, but more about finding something that you believe in enough to allow that passion to be visible to your clients and staff.

4. Winston Churchill said “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense.”

5. When someone comes in yelling and pitching a fit sit next to them and empathize with them – this makes it harder to look at you as the enemy.

6. Nurture your connections and listen to their stories – people can do some amazing things with their back against the wall.

7. Add at least 2 weeks to your construction projects ARRRGGGGHH! 😉

8. Continue to be positive and welcoming to your visitors from corporate or other properties.

9. Be gracious and thank people, especially military folks!

10. Recognize when someone has gone out of their way for you.

11. Start your life TODAY, not tomorrow. It is damn short. And you have no idea who you are a hero to in the smallest interactions.

12. Don’t be afraid to take the leap and push yourself. NO ONE else can do right by you the way you can, but the right people will support you and believe in your ideas.

13. When you fall down relax and take a breath. I promise when you get out of your way amazing things happen in your life. Feeling sorry for yourself will not have the impact that hard work will.

14. Educate yourselves!!!!! Learn your industry, learn your bosses job, learn etymology –learn anything and everything! It will only make you more marketable down the road.

15. Being a leader means being transparent about your intentions and your mistakes and having integrity in your interactions.

16. Get up early – but not 4:30! That’s just crazy!

17. I read somewhere “Under promise and over deliver” -so true. Doing what you say you are going to do will get you pretty far.

18. Treat your coworkers well, share meals and laugh together.

19. Smiles are contagious – and so are kind words.

20. Treat yourself well, mentally and physically.

Keep fighting the good fight!

Mom 🙂


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