Prison Break Dante’s Inferno aka My Job

You know that scene from the Batman movie the Dark Knight Rises? The one where he finally escapes the prison because he has to leap without the safety of the rope… for those of you that are Batman ignorant such as myself here is the scene:

My decision to leave my career was kind of like that.  I had been saying I was going to do it for five years.  I was miserable, beat down, discouraged and could see no end in sight. The company I worked for must have been one of Dante’s rings of Hell. I read a quote somewhere – probably on one of my two hour Pinterest musings – that said, “If I died and went straight to hell it would take me three weeks before I realized I wasn’t at work anymore.”

I did a lot of homework into new career paths and made a lot of sacrifices. But with the support of my family, friends and my AMAZING boyfriend I gave up a comfortable paycheck for three part-time gigs and school. I’m doing things that I never thought were possible and working towards a career with meaning.  And you know what? I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER.

Now I’m not suggesting by any means that you all should go out and quit your job tomorrow. (You know, bills, adult responsibility, and all that whatnot).  What I am saying is that life is short.  And five years of saying you are going to do something will go by in a blink.  Find a mentor, read some books, and do some volunteer work in your proposed new field.  Work your network.  And be thankful every day for any sign of progress.  I know I am!

What would you do if you decided it was time to take the leap?


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