Down on One Knee, or Tying His Shoe?

I’m driving myself crazy. Everyone else is driving me crazy.  I have shit like this all over my Pinterest boards:

I didn’t write the description, but I am the fool that pinned the image.

Why you ask?  My boyfriend and I have been together almost 2 years.  We have made mutual friends, we moved in together, we share a bank account, and we are remodeling a house together.  We know that we are getting married. We’ve discussed it at length including prenups, future careers, relocating to Florida and retirement. I know, not very romantic.  We are very practical and very in love.

Everyone is pressuring us to “put a ring on it.”  Everywhere we go we are asked when we are getting married.  At first, it was cute, but that cuteness is starting to turn. It is leading me to the societal feeling of “he should have by now,” “why hasn’t he,” “tonight is the night,” “will he ever.”  I find myself googling “will he propose” and ending up in nightmarish quizzes and wells of desperation.

THIS IS CRAZY.  It is ruining our time together.  Instead of me enjoying our special times together I’m busy orchestrating his proposal in my head.  And then feeling fraught with disappointment when the night ends with no ring.

ENOUGH ALREADY!! I don’t want to be a walking version of Modern Bride or Cosmo, worried about the superficiality of it all.  I do love my boyfriend very much, and I know that things will move forward when the time is right.  So for now, can we all just relax? !


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