That skinny girl that talks about how fat she is: Annoying “Conversationalists”

I’m feeling a rant coming on…

Can’t a girl get some mature, insightful conversation these days?! Where is all the content?

Some people come into a conversation and add value through interaction and dissemination of interesting information. They listen, they give and take. They teach you something, they share a clever joke. The interaction is energizing. Then there are people who come into a conversation and completely take over. You know that one skinny girl who is constantly calling herself fat and asking everyone to look at her ass? That is selfish and rude behavior, not to mention completely draining – like an energy vampire threatening to suck the life out of all those around them.

All of my friends know that I am there to support them through whatever they are going through. However, if a person does not want to address their insecurities, there is really nothing you can do. The next time that kind of self involved person ruins my evening with their toxic egocentric behavior I’m going to give them every business card I can find for a personal trainer and a therapist instead of spending 45 minutes telling how great they look.

Does this make me a bad person? Perhaps. Does it mean I can’t have fun? Not necessarily.  I work really hard. At the end of my day, I would like to have an intelligent conversation over my adult beverage and relax.  We don’t have to talk about astrophysics or the useful life of a nuclear reactor. But it would be helpful if you had an inkling about what is going on in the rest of the world, or at least outside of your selfie gallery on facebook.

To those self-involved people who spend the whole night talking about themselves: Read a book damn it!

OK – rant over.



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