Adventures in Oily Skin

Hello all ~

Yesterday [She Who Must Not Be Named] talked me into upgrading my foundation from drugstore brand to something like Kat Von Dee’s Lock-it.

A couple of things you should know about me: I have terrible skin, and I am often anti high-priced beauty stuff.  However, at this point in my life, I can’t spend a bunch of time fixing my face all day because my make up is sliding off.

So I  go to Sephora to get my face touched by an applicator wielding stranger.  Shout out to Megan at our Cape Girardeau location which made that process very easy. There wasn’t even face touching.  I walked out with a perfectly matched foundation (shade #48), and an applicator brush (edge foundation brush #10) touted as the best in the store.




It’s now 6:20 am on the day I am leaving for our annual trip to Pensacola Beach.  I’m having a staring contest with my new Kat Von Dee foundation and brush.

After some nervous procrastination, I go for it. It goes on like a luxury face cream with an almost built-in concealer. It’s full coverage and no neckline!  It feels exquisite on my face, not at all like my previous foundation.

11:45 am

Lunch time face check. We are at some gas station in East Memphis.  My face has a little of the familiar cracking that comes with oily skin. But it doesn’t feel super oily like normal.

3:32 pm

After lunch check. The make-up is really starting to crack around my chin. Some of my skin problems are starting to show through. I used my finger to smooth out the cracked areas, and the makeup stayed on my face instead of transferring to my finger, so that’s good.

7:30 pm

We have arrived at the beach! I do one final check on my face and a little touch-up.  All in all, it looks pretty damn good.  My skin isn’t as oily, and I don’t feel like I have a mask on my face.

I feel good about my purchase as I wink back at myself in the mirror. At the end of the day, isn’t that why we go through all the trouble?? When we look good, we feel good.  And that often can free our minds up so we can concentrate on the most important tasks at hand.



There is definitely a learning curve that comes with using a full coverage product.  However, I think my decision to purchase the blending brush was a good one.  It is an excellent tool, and the bristles do not come out.  As a bonus, my skin with and without makeup looks great!




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