Oklahoma Breakdown Raking

Mowing the leaves in my yard in December because I can’t stand raking πŸ˜• allowed me to listen to #oklahomabreakdown by #stoneylarue on repeat for an hour and 55 minutes….pure bliss!! (I’ve been obsessed with this song for months)


I was mentally placing all my Christmas decorations in their places as I demolished the leaves. This year the #silverfox and I are adding a blue border to our #griswoldchristmas extravaganza. (stay tuned for pictures)



The mailman pulls up (yes on Sunday) delivering two boxes of yes you guessed it Christmas lights!!! 😱 I don’t think I could live without amazon!! 😍

I have an area of the yard dedicated to my inflatable animals and festival critters; I like to call it Candyland.

Nicely mowed future home of 2016 #candyland