The Story of Red

The story of RED‘s Sassy new hair –

 This woman would NOT let me do her hair for quite a long time. ( her loss 😑 but it drove me nuts…everyone wants me to do their hair after we meet 😤😤 I mean I am hair obsessed, color-focused and totally in love with my job) BUT RED is a headstrong chick, and she wouldn’t get in my chair…

UNTIL that glorious day in September when she text me and said OMG CHOP MY HAIR OFF just do it OMG. I took her hair 911 seriously, and the next morning she was rolling up to my studio in her jeep. 

We were too excited to take a real before pic..but you get the picture it was LOONG



I used #redkencolorgels to fade her base color into baby balayage blonde around her face. She wanted to keep it simple and low maintenance. 

The cut…after removing around 8 to 9 inches. I did a slight #swingbob effect and for 30 minutes “sliced” with my shears texture pieces throughout the cut. Her hair was a blank canvas considering we cut so much off!

In the end, we were left with a lot of #RED #SASS

I call it THE RED 😎😎

So she took her newly found sassy hair, jumped into her Jeep and drove off to celebrate with a bottle of bubbly.