Jeep Meets Post

Back home from vacation and I send Tim out for take-out.  Conversation goes like this:

Me: Hunny why don’t you go sit down and have a cold beer and get some burgers for us.

Tim: Ok. Can you back the jeep up to the garage while I’m gone?

Me: I caaan…

Tim: (laughing) just get it as close as you can.  (he leaves)

Me: Ok no problem.  I can do this.

Jeep: *CRUNCH*

Ok well, it’s dark, and I can’t see. Plus the back is full of the usual conglomerate of junk Tim drags around. So I’m backing around the suburban and retaining wall towards our house.  I have the jeep door open, and I’m hanging out looking at the garage.  I back the open door into the front porch post.  Well, he did say to get it as close as I could.  In all fairness, I have backed into things before.  So it’s not really my fault.


And hey, the post is still standing so I call it a win.

I text Tim that I backed into the post but that it was just a little tappy tap. He doesn’t see the message. He walks in with the food.

Me: Well I guess you didn’t get my message

Tim: No…

Me: I hit the post.

Tim: (laughing hysterically) I came home and thought “awe look at my little truck driver”!

He laughs at me and says its fine 🙂 What a cutie

He teases me a little as he happily munches on his barbecue sandwich while conveniently forgetting that he crushed the outside lamp backing the trailer into it.  I remind him. 😉





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