For the Love of Buffett…

Before dating the #silverfox Jimmy Buffett meant two songs. Now I feel like I know all 846 songs/ballads in his catalog.

Wow, Margaritaville on Sirius 24/7…

So Red and I had to make a new playlist to survive the summer time Buffett epidemic.

Red: Oh my geez, can we please get something a little more upbeat??! (she says sipping her bubbly while lounging in a shady spot on the back of the boat) (it sounds more glamours than it actually is, we call their pontoon “PLZ START”)

Britt: What do you want to listen to?  I have 732 playlists…

Red: —

(some time later) Britt: Ok – let’s try this, I call it “Speed it up Bitches.”

(Cue loud music)

Red choreographed a dance to “Cake by the Ocean” and I paid her in two cases of bubbly like any good friend would do.  We shared it all summer. Ok, it lasted a month and a half.

Red has taught me four dances that we bust out as needed. None of them are Jimmy Buffett. One of them is Miranda Lambert’s “Little Red Wagon.”  She thinks she did not choreograph a dance to it, yet WE ALL know it!

We dance to rap music on #silverfoxes bar on the boat.  Rap scares boats with kids on it away, FYI.  We repeat as necessary.  It’s a good summer.