A Letter to Santa

Have you heard those Toys R Us commercials with the adult that repeats the kid’s description of the toy? They are super cute and that is how I feel when talking to Britt about what she wants for Christmas.


So between a practical need (boots), and a sparkly need (morganite ring and diamonds) we find an Elf on a Shelf (as requested for the third year), a bottle of Cristal, and a Hatchimal.  The bottle of Cristal I can go with all day long! The elf and the Hatchimal, well eh.. 🙈

For anyone asking wtf on the Hatchimal, like I was, check out this video Britt sent with the words PLEASE PLEASE SOMEBODY BUY THIS FOR ME.  It’s very long. You can skip ahead like I did.

Then we see an inflatable alligator, a tool box (not so much money), silk sheets, clothes (only the ones in the text), earrings, and nothing heart shaped (NOTHING).

The letter to Santa ends with a special request to buy something for Neila.


However, I hear she eats the Christmas tree and pukes so I’m not real sure she is high on the “nice” list this year. Good luck with that Neila.

;-x Red


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