Take a Breath

Loving yourself…now that’s a hard one: because “we are fat,” “our legs are too big,” “we have back fat” “omg our double chins.”Β 

Let’s face it, we are not very nice to ourselves. The society we live in has us brainwashed to believe we should all be 110lbs and a size zero… but let’s face it IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN for most of us.

How about instead of trying all the latest diet pills and fad diet plans or jumping on board the next “get skinny” train, we:

“take a breath” (red tells me this daily)

🌬 🌬 🌬 🌬 🌬 🌬 🌬 🌬 🌬 🌬 🌬

So after the breath or several breaths…

Try working towards being healthy. Cut out the processed BS in your diet.Β  Flip that bag of Doritos over and read all 900 chemicals in the ingredients. Be appalled! Put them down and find a healthy substitute.

Red and I started focusing on eating things in which we could pronounce all the ingredients. And, things with ingredients we could eat individually.

In case you are curious about ingredients lists, check out this post by The Huffington Post.

We have both lost weight by making this change.

Yes, we know….shhhhhh….champagne has some chemicals in it…..

BUT cutting out all the chemicals but the bubbly will make a huge difference in your overall health and even your waistline.

So lesson for the day take a breath 🌬 🌬 🌬 🌬 and be kind to yourself. And for heaven’s sake, say something positive about yourself instead of tearing yourself down.