At the Hair Wash

The day I have to wash my hair…ohhh myyy goshhhh. I have naturally curly unruly poofy dry hair. I only wash it once a week because of the dryness.

So every Wednesday I’m like an old lady because it is shampoo and set day.

There are a few products that make my life easier:

I shampoo twice with Joico purple shampoo. Purple shampoo is so important for blondes who don’t want brass tones. I leave the mango butter conditioner on for as long as I am in the shower! Then the real fun begins. I

Then the real fun begins. I douse my hair with amazing repair oil about three times. Blow dry for 3 separate 10-minute sessions dousing with the oil between each one. Then curl with one inch bio ionic style winder. I use Puff Me on my roots and set with Farouk royal hairspray.