Hell No Choco Diamond

Oh the struggle with telling someone you don’t like a gift..

Should we just keep it?

Ohhh we are wasting their money…

Don’t want to hurt their feelings..

Omg WHy..


I don’t like anything heart shaped. ❤❤❤❤

And I don’t like the marketing scheme of chocolate “diamonds” (aka brown quartz)

And a few other things but we will stick to these


I don’t want to throw the #silverfox under the bus, but I want to talk about how I was honest with him about a gift he gave me for Christmas.  It was hard to tell him I did not like the ring because he was so sweet and thoughtful. And I definitely think he was tricked – and being a man and color blind was to blame. After all, he did tell the lady at the jewelry store that I did not like chocolate diamonds and they even confirmed that when I went in.

Here’s what I got


Basically being honest is hard but it’s the right thing to do.  It is a hard decision to tell someone you don’t like their gift, but if you don’t their hard earned money will sit in a drawer somewhere.

Here is the ring I’m so dearly in love with 😍😍😍😍 After we talked he understood!


Readers, have you ever faced the choice of what to do with a gift you didn’t like?



2 thoughts on “Hell No Choco Diamond

  1. Yes! And I personally BELIEVE the men in our lives need allllll the help they can get. Approaching the situation In a thankful way, but still expressing your own likes/wants/desires is important. However else will they learn?!


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