Health Food is Not Just for Hippies!

If I am honest, I have always struggled with my weight.  I used to be a little bitty size 4, and of course, I thought I was “fat.”  The standards we hold ourselves to are impossible to meet and cause us to do crazy things.

In my twenties, I started the yo-yo weight loss that has become a ghost that surrounds me.  I have done all sorts of crazy things like take water pills, starve myself, go on liquid diets, eat zero carbs, low cal, you name it.  Guess what, after I had gone back to eating normal, all the weight I lost came back.

So what if there was a better way?  Well, we think we have found it.  After the pounds had started to creep back when I stopped eating low-carb, I asked [She Who Must Not Be Named] what she had been doing to lose weight.  She basically said she was avoiding chemicals in her food.

So what exactly does that mean you may ask… it means focusing on whole foods in their most minimally processed forms.  An apple, instead of applesauce or juice, a potato instead of McDonald’s fries or potato chips.  By doing so, you are forcing yourself to not only look at nutrient labels, but also ingredient labels.  It will shock you and hopefully upset you.  For example here is the ingredient list for Wendy’s small chili straight from their website:


I think it is implausible that your body can correctly process some of the preservative agents found in our food supply.  So I sat down with Mike Brown of Natural Health Organic Foods to get the skinny on whole foods.

Mike is half of the husband and wife team that opened the store in 1994.  At the time Mike and Becky opened the store, organic foods were special order items in grocery stores.

When I asked Mike, why this business he explained that he experienced health problems as a young man.  Rather than living the rest of his life feeling sick, he decided to conduct his own research. Mike found a book by Dr. McDougall to be an excellent source of information. By making simple changes to his food, he changed his life.

Mike is very knowledgeable about what is happening in the food industry and subscribes to the belief that real food can heal the body.  Speaking from my own experience, I can’t help but think there is some truth to this… think about how people act and feel when their diet consists of sugar. Perhaps they don’t even know that feeling bad does not have to be a way of life!

Mike does not claim to be a doctor, instead, feeling privileged to help his customers feel as healthy as possible. He says, “There is a cure for all diseases, it starts from the inside out.”   Mike enjoys the interaction with his customers.  And he works hard to know the companies that he selects items from. He tries to stick to small companies focused on quality – no artificial flavors, colors, high fructose syrup or additives.

I also learned that Mike and Becky are so committed to health that they sell the only known nongenetically modified DHA baby formula at cost, to try and help families feed their babies nutritious food.

Mike is clearly passionate about the store and leaves me with one final thought, “Real food is a challenge and a commitment – to food.”  I couldn’t agree more!





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