Eat, Drink, Be Skinny

Hey all, Red here.  When Britt first approached me to start this site she gave me a collection of her thoughts, a sort of journal if you will.  She said that I could use them as content for the site.  Well, I think I have only posted one and that is because they are all littered with self-deprecating remarks and all out mean self-talk about being fat and big.

Sorry to call you out on your private thoughts, Britt.  But we all need to do better by ourselves.  And then I came across this:


And I said, YAAAASSSS.  This I can work with. It is not a gimmick. Whole-foods is a lifestyle that means mindfully choosing foods.  It means pushing back on the chemicals that Big Food adds to your food to make them taste better.  It means treating your body with love and respect.

This was where this site began and I thought I should share it with all of you!

;-x Red