Disneyland in Downtown Cape Girardeau

Soooo my job is fantastic. I love coming to work every day. #blessed every day. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

RED “works” at this adult play land. They have BEER 😳 they have magical COFFEE 😐 they have PING PONG tables with KEGS in that room too πŸ™€

(Red really thinks that because she has an office in this place that she’s at WORK) HA HA HA

THENπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€they send a CO-OWNER of this “adult playland” in to have her hair perfected!!!

Heather Holdman is one of the owners and founders of Codefi, a co-working space in the Marquette Tower, downtown Cape Girardeau.

It is a magical space with offices and a co-working environment where you can rent a “spot” and have access to the best coffee, the socials, and be among the creative and energetic band of small business owners and entrepreneurs that call this place home.

Sometimes you come around the corner to find lovely folks such as Chef Ann Bulter of Edible Education whipping up goodies and sharing samples!

Heather was as laid back with her hair as the amazing atmosphere she helped create at Codefi.

(I think πŸ’­ she was warned I like my freedom with creativity)Β 


I did a basic color melt with a neutral brown, and free handed the highlights throughout. Of course toned with Redken shades eq to finish her look off.

You guys should see this place..it’s only missing two things…a champagne fountain and ME (I totally need a station inside😘😘😘😘)



*Editors note – YES Heather was warned about your freedom with custom colors.Β  She was instructed not to look while you plopped the color goo in your bowls!Β  ;-x RED