(Whole) Food for Thought

Why is there a difference between a “health food” store and a grocery store or supermarket? In essence, isn’t this distinction indicating that what we buy at a traditional grocery store or supermarket is inherently unhealthy?

I think we need a different approach to how we regard food. We need to approach the whole foods as not just as a hippie fad thing.  When we are focused on the latest diet trend we are ignoring other components of our food.  So, if you are on a low-calorie diet you are ignoring hidden sugars.  If you are low-carb you are ignoring calories. By reading the entire label you will find sources of undesirable ingredients created in a lab. These are not the things you want to put in your body!

I have included a few examples below.

Low calorie option:

Here is the label for Healthy Choice Frozen Pizza, Italian Style Pepperoni via fooducate.com:



Low Carb option:

Here is the label for Atkins Stone Fired Three Meat Frozen Pizza via fooducate.com:


Organic option:

And finally Amy’s Light and Lean Italian Vegetable Pizza via fooducate:


To be fair, the Amy’s pizza does not have meat. I suspect part of this is because it is difficult to produce an organic variety with meat due to the added components of pepperoni and sausage.  And for the record, the Atkins veggie pizza still comes in at 320 calories and so does the Healthy Choice veggie pizza. While the Amy’s comes in at 280 calories. Both Healthy Choice and Atkins have double the ingredients and include added chemicals that are not food. Chemicals such as “natural flavors” are created in a lab with the purpose of making food taste better.  Check out this great post by the Food Babe on the “science” behind chemically created natural flavors (http://foodbabe.com/2011/12/01/chemical-warfare-with-natural-flavor/).

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