A young “boy” mentioned he thought I was cute about a month ago. Happened to be the same young intoxicated individual who “greeted” the #silverfox and I at the door on a recent evening out. This young “boy” happened to be sitting at a table with several girls that I have the privilege of doing their hair. 

This boy was telling my clients he was going to go talk to me blah blah blah..

My client (she’s a rather funny out spoken soul) told him   “HONEY YOU HAVE A WHOLE LOT OF MARINATING TO DO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 BEFORE SHES GOING TO TALK TO YOU 😂😂😂

So she tells me this of course and I relay the story to my #silverfox…. he does an eye roll and says  “yeah he don’t stand a chance because I’m perfectly marinated”


Good times

Good life

“Marinated” men