What We Are Eating This Week

One of the benefits of being self-employed is setting my own hours. Most of the time I end up getting up early and working late to accommodate whole-foods cooking. But I don’t mind since I get to cook most of our meals!

Over the next week we are having a nice mix of chicken, fish, and a meat free dish I am sneaking in on my carnivore of a fiancé. He will notice but I will meet his frown with extra fresh-shaved parm. He’ll be fine. Also I am hopeful that the soup and meat free dish will make up for this accidental non-whole food monstrosity that fell in my cart today.


This is bad, very bad. And definitely not endorsed on a whole foods diet. I but hey I am human!! My plan is to cut this apple into 6 slices and enjoy them over 3 days with the hunny. I don’t usually purchase things like this, he is going to think I’ve lost it.

Monday and Tuesday will be hectic for us as we will be preparing to go to Vegas for a conference! Georgie will be mad because my house sitter won’t make her the daily oatmeal that she is accustom to. Her sister won’t care as long as she is getting belly rubs.

L to R: Georgie & Jackie

Be on the look out for pics of some of our dishes this week!




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