a glimpse into the prism of autism

Last week through HARO, I was working to put a colleague and friend in front of the Todayshow.com. The reporter’s question was about autism and what it is like to have autism.

Her response to the reporter:

I’m a Lindsey Radcliffe MABC, BT, CFPRS, QIDP, DDP, DSPT and CEO of Morning Star Behavioral Associates and I own and run a private practice for applied behavior analysis specializing in Autism treatment the difference is I too have a diagnosis of Autism.

I am so glad you’re asking this question because there is a lot I think people should know about autism. I would start with the fact that there is no need to feel sorry for me, but I, in fact, feel sorry for you. Autism allows me to see life in 4k resolution whereas typically developing people can only see the regular 3-d image. Autism has allowed me to create some of the most advanced research in the field of applied behavioral analysis (ABA) because I see solutions rather than being distracted by the problem. I view my diagnosis as a gift rather than a curse. This doesn’t mean I don’t struggle because I do. There are things in life that I am just really bad at like cocktail parties, and really anything with more than 5 people but my true friends find that endearing.

The second thing I would tell you is; you don’t “understand”, so please quit saying it. People are making a very misinformed assumption that ignorance resembles humbleness, but I would submit that in fact in mirrors arrogance. It is only when you see a person, human to human that you can truly understand them. Creating a true diversity that passes tolerance and moves into a collaboration of equality and trust. There are many things that define who I am. Yes, Autism is one of those, but I also run an extremely successful start-up business that has grown eight times in the last year, and I am a single mother of three amazing children. I hope this gives you a glimpse into the prism of autism my hope is that you will start to see the many layers and sides and the blessings in them.


I can’t think of a woman more deserving of the title, Kicking Ass and Taking Names. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful message with us, Lindsey!


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