Dating an Older Man

My grams is probably one of the smartest people I know.  After watching me go through a string of bad dates and cheating boyfriends she gave me two pieces of advice.  1) Read the book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, and 2) date an older man.

The book was life-changing. It is a must-read for every woman, no matter what your relationship status.  Steve Harvey’s advice in the book might sting a little, but it is better than repeating crapy situations. Those hurt way worse.

Dating an older man is also life-changing.  If you are reading this and thinking gold digger, welcome to the majority.  Because that is often how I am treated.

No one prepared me for how society and his friends would treat me.  I am regarded as a child among them; someone that is their children’s age.  And they are sure to let me know. It often feels as though I’m on display – every outfit I wear, every word spoken about drinking, or my career.  The lens through which I’m viewed feels like college kids running amuck.  Perhaps I should start carrying a blankie and called my guy “daddy.” I guess that would really give them something to talk about.

After ingratiating myself to his friends for five years, it is clear that anyone that doesn’t respect me, doesn’t respect him, and they can piss off.

The people who matter will treat you well, and the people who treat you well will matter.




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