Leftovers Reimagined

You know how sometimes you are hungry, but you don’t want to put on makeup or pants? Instead of leaving the comfort of my home I decided to try to make something out of last night’s dinner.

I’m thinking southwest style eggs Benedict! Here’s the assembly:

Leftover seabass, zucchini, and rice. I’m going to poach some eggs and then cover it with salsa and homemade cheese sauce.

To heat the fish, I wet a paper towel, covered the fish, and microwaved it twice for 30 seconds. It’s a gentle way to steam the fish without overcooking.

To make the eggs, I brought a little vinegar and 3 inches of water to a boil. Crack cold eggs one by one in a small dish and slide into boiling water. Cook for about 4 minutes until egg white is set.

Here is the finished product:




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