My Birthday, National Champagne Day

You guys – is it a coincidence that my birthday just happens to fall on National Champagne Day?? I think not!

champagne toast


Here is what I am drinking in honor of National Champagne Day:

champagne bottles

The pink rose is a dry sparkling wine – Mirabello ~$10

Gloria Ferrer is one of my favorites!! It is a dry sparkling wine from Sonoma. It is creamy and velvety and my favorite drink to pair with a day of cooking. It is in the $38 range, but I can find it on sale at our local Schnucks for ~$18 on some occasions.

And since it is National Champagne Day I must drink real Champagne! For this, I have the lovely Veuve Clicquot courtesy of Timmy. This is a champagne produced by a strong woman who took over the family house in the early 1800s. She was intelligent, daring, and bold. I shall gladly drink this in her honor!

Yes, I currently have two bottles open – but it is my birthday 🙂








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