To an Ex with Love

We broke up, and of course, it hurt. No one reached out to see if I was ok with the relationship ending. It was expected that life would hum along just as before.

This, unfortunately, is the ordinary course of things when a friendship ends. Ending a friendship is different than ending a relationship.  There are no cards, no excuses to eat ice cream and languish around in your PJs for three days. No girls night out to get wasted and “forget about him.”

No there’s none of that.  It’s just over. And, the moments of care and kindness that should be bestowed on the separating parties are instead replaced with statements meant to push your buttons by people whose eyes light up at the opportunity to provoke a response. Like damn Sharon, are you that bored in your own life that you gotta drool over the opportunity to get a reaction in mine?

To that I say, the end of every relationship no matter whether it is a marriage, long-term relationship, or a friendship, hurts. No matter who is to blame. No matter if it is the natural outgrowth of change. It is still the loss of a person in your life. It should be a time of reflection and kindness. Those that treat it any different care more about gossip and drama than about you.

For all those out there going through a friendship break up, I hear you. Eat ice cream and feel sad, breathe, find your Zen, and be mindful of who wants to help and who wants to hurt. Then move along because you and I both know there is a reason you broke up.




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