Brunch Treat: Shrimp & Coconut Fritters

Today for our brunch treat, I am making Shrimp and Coconut Fritters courtesy of Seasonal & Savory. It is a simple combination of shrimp, unsweetened coconut, egg, green onions, and NO FLOUR! You can see the recipe here.

Since I am trying to avoid chemicals and preservatives finding shrimp is actually difficult! So far out of three of our local stores, I am only able to find one brand that does not have any preservatives. It is the Full Circle Market brand, and the ingredient list contains shrimp and sea salt. Every other brand I picked up included sodium triphosphate, a preservative used to retain moisture. You should also know that sodium triphosphate is used in detergents, leather tanning, ceramics, rubber, and antifreeze. Ick. I tagged the Full Circle brand in this post so you can see the logo in case you want to look for their goods in your local store.

To prepare the thawed shrimp, I brought a saucepan of water to a boil and dropped in them for probably less than 2 minutes.  You can tell when they are done when they turn pink.

Here is a shot of my prepared Shrimp & Coconut fritters. Mine didn’t turn out as pretty as on the Seasonal & Savory site, but they are super tasty! They were great alongside some scrambled eggs.


The only thing I changed was to sprinkle on coconut sugar and a tiny bit of habanero seasoning. I served these with Belletti, an extra dry prosecco (~$7), and strawberries.





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