Fiesta Wednesday!

We do A LOT of taco nights around here. But today I am trying something different – Layered Taco Salad! To make it I layered black beans, cheese, lettuce, tomato, black olives, roasted poblano peppers, green onion, and guacamole in a casserole dish.

I’m going to refrigerate it until ready to serve. Right before serving I’m going to add the guacamole to the top.


Ok – so I couldn’t wait for it to chill. I’m a hungry girl, what can I say?? I like to save the guacamole for my hunny and instead add super spicy salsa and a squeeze of sour cream. Yes, a squeeze of sour cream. Did you know Daisy makes squeezable? My favorite thing about it is that it keeps longer and does not have any preservatives.

Layered taco Salad

Speaking of preservatives, I love Fritos (and who doesn’t??) but I replaced the Fritos with Sage Valley Organic chips, and they are DELISH! Everything you see here is preservative and natural flavor free!! Tim ate this recipe up – he loved it so much he kept telling me over and over again 🙂  That’s what it’s all about – good food that is good for you!




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