Lazy Girl Cooking: Chemical Biscuits

I really enjoy organic food and food that I personally process so that it is free from chemicals. But the reality is that about 10-15% of my diet still relies on commercial food. I try my best to chose well, but sometimes things like McDonald’s breakfast still sneaks in.

Like today, it is Super Bowl Sunday, and we have to start our party tour at 3p. Days like this don’t leave me sufficient time to do a full meal prep or much else on the usual Sunday agenda. And let’s face it, sometimes I’m just lazy!

In order to reduce the number of chemicals I am consuming, I cut my sausage biscuit in half and opted to put a freshly cooked egg on top. I placed the biscuits in the pan while I  cooked the eggs to keep them warm.  That’s my egg with the red pepper flakes 🙂 I also opted to take the biscuit top off. I know I could have taken both off and just eaten the sausage and egg but come on… those little chemical biscuits are pretty tasty!

What’s life without a little misbehaving?! I hope you all enjoy a Super Bowl Sunday filled with friends, good food, or a little R&R.  After all, I wouldn’t want you to call in “Super Sick Monday”!





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