A Peek Into What’s Cooking

Since I cook for 20 (even though there is only 2 of us), I usually end up serving leftovers when our busy nights disrupt our schedule. That also means I am constantly scooting our menu around to accommodate. It is also the reason some form of Taco salad is on the menu just about every week. It is almost a given that I will have the ingredients on hand and it takes mere minutes to throw together. And it’s tacos – there are never any complaints.

Last weeks rosemary chicken and Mediterranean chicken have been moved to this week. One thing I love about the Mediterranean Chicken is that it is super simple to prepare. It also packs up well for work lunches in a snap.

Friday’s get away from us fast, and we end up eating at 9p if I don’t cook for us. It is not pretty. It’s a mix of hangry and whatever is available. Meatballs and Marinara over pasta will create an excellent base for an evening of drinks with friends. I’m going to mix ground turkey and ground beef in the meatballs. Tim likes the turkey, but I like the taste of beef, so we compromise. What I am most looking forward to making is the Fish Escovitch from my Tropic Cooking book. It is red snapper and lots of heat! I’ll be back on Sunday with some pictures!

Until then, Cheers!



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