Fish Escovitch & This Week’s Menu

Tonight I am making a lovely red snapper dish from Joyce LaFray’s Tropic Cooking called Fish Escovitch. So my first question about this recipe is what the heck is Fish Escovitch? Apparently, it is a Jamaican style of cooking that ends with pickled veggies over fried fish. You had me at fried!

For this recipe, I emptied out my produce drawer and chopped up onion, celery, orange bell pepper, green onions, and poblano pepper. I think I am supposed to use a Scotch Bonnet pepper, but I couldn’t find one. (Plus Tim would die with that much heat!)

I placed the veggies over the top of the fish and squeezed some lime over the top. I let fish and veggies sit in the fridge for about 30 minutes before frying.  During that time I typed you guys this note, and I enjoyed a glass of Blu Prosecco (~$12), it is a lovely dry sparkling wine with hint of peach and apricot 🙂

So here is a before and after:

To prepare the dish, I  cooked the veggies separately in a little coconut oil, vinegar, and whole allspice. I fried the fish for about 6 minutes on each side in coconut oil. It was crispy, and the vinegar pickled the veggies a little and helped disperse the heat from the pepper.

Next week appears to be a regular week around here so I will be doing most of the cooking. Since jumping on the whole foods train, it means that I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Since I also work full time I like to cook things that can be reheated over the course of a couple of days to cover my lunches and another dinner on a busy night. dinner menu

Tuesday’s chili and Wednesday’s stuffed pork chops will both be quite large portions so they will be prepacked for lunches and a Friday evening fridge fest.

On Thursdays, after drinks with my co-workers, we usually end up downtown. It seems like we’ve been gravitating to Port Cape due to a menu selection that can please most people.

I like when Tim cooks – that’s why he takes care of Saturdays. We end up enjoying a shared meal somewhere, and I don’t have to do the dishes!

Sundays are my absolute favorite day – I’ll spend it baking fresh bread and watching Super Soul Sunday. Does anyone else do a Sunday bake? It is something I look forward to every week.




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