Tonight’s Dinner: Stuffed Peppers

Tonight I am making one of my favorite recipes from Linda’s Low Carb site: Make Me Stuffed Peppers.  First off, this recipe is delish – you don’t even miss the extra carbs that are snuck into traditional recipes with the addition of white rice.

Second, this recipe is super easy to make. You boil two halved bell peppers – the recipe uses green, but I use whatever color I have on hand. I also replace the beef with turkey on occasion. After the meat is cooked you add chopped onion, garlic, tomato, salt and pepper, and of course CHEESE. I also added a little salsa – ’cause why not?

Here is mine topped with a slice of habanero-jalapeno cheese:

stuffed bell peper

While I was waiting, I enjoyed a very refreshing glass of Gloria Ferrer Sonoma Brut. It is a beautiful sparkling wine with a creamy finish. Gloria Ferrer retails typically for around $38, but I can sometimes find in on sale at our local Schnucks for ~$18, and when I do, I buy a BUNCH!




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