Weekly Menu & Meal Prep

I have a busy week coming up so tonight while I am planning our weekly menu I am also cooking taco soup ahead of schedule and meal prepping. I have shared this taco soup before, it is definitely one of my favorites. It comes together in a snap and is great for lunch at work. I’ll be enjoying my soup with a kale salad. I don’t know about you guys but I seriously love kale – and not in the all-healthy-and-mighty way, but I actually love the taste! I add a little dijon mustard, and then I’ll pour olive oil and vinegar dressing over the salad when I’m ready to eat it.


On Wednesday when I do the baked chicken, I’m going to make a macaroni salad that will be great to serve with Friday’s grilled chicken. Thursday is my night off from cooking, and we enjoy drinks with colleagues and then go out to dinner.

Fridays are extremely busy for me, so I am instituting Tim’s grilling night. I will get him something easy like chicken or steak, and he will do all the work while I finish my work and get ready to go out.

Saturdays we usually go out and have a nice dinner. This last week it was sushi at Midori – YUM!!

Sundays were made for meal prep, so I’ll be making a soup and a breakfast casserole to serve us for the first half of next week.

I hope you have a lovely week!





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