A Tale of Two Sisters: Grandparents

This is a photo of our grams when she was late 20’s early 30’s.  “Grams” got her name because she asked me to come up with something to call her that didn’t make her sound so old and Grams is what stuck. Still to this day, everyone in the family refers to her as Grams.

The question posed by my sister today for her writing project: Do you feel you’re like any of your grandparents? In what ways?
Me: I think I’m a lot like my Grams. I can tend to take a hard-nosed critical approach to things. I can be hard on people. We have a saying in our family of “look it up.” When all of us kids were growing up, and we would ask Grams what a word meant she would tell us to look it up. When I was little that probably made me roll my eyes. But now, I’m so appreciative of that. I have such an inquisitive nature. All the reading I did as a kid helped me develop strong skills in comprehension and vocabulary. I don’t know how I would be working as a writer without those skills. It would be exponentially more difficult.

I just had a dream about my grampa last night. It felt so real. He was just sitting there with his relaxed nature. I don’t remember much. But I woke up with a feeling of comfort. He was like that. Easy-going and always smiling. He didn’t say much, but when he did, it was memorable. I’m definitely nothing like that, but I find myself seeking those that are.

I wasn’t around my grandparents on my dad’s side much. My dad wasn’t much a part of my life outside of his court-ordered obligations. Both of his parents passed away after he had disowned me. What I do remember was his mom was real religious and used to make ugly yarn ornaments and crosses. His dad was extremely racist – which is likely where my dad got it. I hope I’m nothing like my memories of them.

My sis: I often wonder what ratio of my personality comes from my Mom and what comes from my Grams. I know for a fact that I resemble a lot of Grams. I feel like in a weird way she and I have this connection that she’s never had with anyone. The second I try to tell her what she means to me, I start to cry because there’s so much emotion behind it, and she just says that she knows and feels the same. She’s always kept me busy in different hobbies, and I feel like she’s the reason why I care so much about gaining knowledge. She definitely instilled a sense of adult thinking in me, even when I was younger.

Grandpa passed away when I was 12 years old, and I wish I had more time with him. I wish he were around when I had my first boyfriend to tell me to “stay away from them hairy legs.”

sis HS graduation

This is a photo of my sister at her outdoor, humid as hell, Midwest May, high school graduation.  You can see Grams in the background.  She is not a fan of having her pic taken – so we won’t tell her she’s here on that “technology stuff”  🙂

For us, our grandparents were like extensions of our parents filling in the gaps that happen with working or divorced parents. They say it takes a village and we were lucky enough to have an amazing village.





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