Everything He is Not

Before me is a man who has certainly made a few missteps in his day.  But, he lives with few regrets.  One night over a few cocktails he admitted that of all the things he wished he could change, it would have been to pursue the opportunity to become a U.S. Marshall.

He worked hard to complete the necessary training, even scoring an interview with the agency.  However, there were many reasons he did not pursue the opportunity; reasons he still believes in to this day.

That conversation got me thinking about all the things he is not.

He is not impatient, dull, or insincere.  He does not take himself too seriously.  He is not quick to anger.  He is not cheap or unkind.  He doesn’t try to hold me back or control me – he is fully aware of my desire to leave a positive mark in this world and encourages me to do so. He has provided me a beautiful place to prepare our evening meals.  He is not annoyed by my pets, family, or friends. He is not quick to judge or jealous.

And for everything he is not, he is everything to me.


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