Fruits & Veggies in a Snap

🙋‍♀️Today I am sharing a couple of my favorite kitchen tools!
What I’ve learned over the years is that skinny does not mean healthy. What’s more important is getting adequate water, rest, exercise and nutrition – which is a challenge when you are always on the go.

The reason convenience foods are convenient is because they are ready to go. But those foods are loaded with chemicals and more salt, sugar, and fat that you would use at home. With a few items and a little planning, you can make healthy food convenient too!

At the end of a long day I’d always want to make a salad with dinner but find I was tired and didn’t want to put in the extra effort. An easy fix? I wash the lettuce, send it through the salad spinner and put the unused portion in a clean plastic bag. It’s ready the next time I make a salad. I do the same with kale and put it in a veggie box to keep it crisp. I also rinse mini sweet peppers and carrots to have ready for salad or hummus. It takes 1 minute to prepare these items for serving!

Ever buy fresh berries and find they are rotten by the time you use them? I rinse my berries in a colander and wash the plastic box. I put the berries back in the clean box along with some washed and precut strawberries (in plastic wrap) for grab and go snacking. Ok… maybe some grab and drop in champagne action 🍾🍾
Either way, the 3 minutes of prep for fruits and veggies saves me money, time, and added pounds 😎🕺


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