If you have ever had to make a bio about yourself, you know it can be difficult. In a twist to the usual “About” page we, your co-contributors, have decided to write the other person’s bio.

Britt – #ChampagneHairDontCare Site Visionary


This blog was created from the vision of Unwound Styling Studio’s owner, Brittney Cook. Brittney takes pleasure in her job of making people feel beautiful. When you see her acting silly, it is usually because she is

A) working in reverse of her insecurities – she forgets that she is a beautiful woman with A LOT to offer

B) drinking bubbly

C) purchasing a toy meant for a for a 7-year-old

When Britt is not working, she enjoys being a cat lady with her boyfriend (#silverfox).  She enjoys golfing, boating and all things crafty.  She has a penchant for making pretty things such as scrapbooks, furniture, and decor.  The girl is Spotify playlist obsessed.

Red – #ChampagneHairDontCare Site Architect


Red completed the site design because it kinda went like this:

Red: do you know how to log on and look at drafts?

Britt: NO, NO, NO. I’m not touching it.

When Red’s not writing or behind the camera, you can find her whipping up amazing whole-food treats in her copper infused kitchen, choreographing our next “lake dance”, or hanging out with her fiance (#thebear).  If she goes MIA, just pop a bottle of bubbly, and she will come running! 🙂

Red is a woman of many skills.  She likes to help people solve their problems… and she’s damn good at it!