Everything He is Not

Before me is a man who has certainly made a few missteps in his day.  But, he lives with few regrets.  One night over a few cocktails he admitted that of all the things he wished he could change, it would have been to pursue the opportunity to become a U.S. Marshall. He worked hard... Continue Reading →



I was fired. Not let go. Not a layoff. F-I-R-E-D. Granted, that was eight years ago. But it haunted me for a long time. Before that moment I hadn't experienced anything like that. I sincerely thought it was the end of my world. Losing my job happened during a dark time in my life.  I... Continue Reading →

Dating an Older Man

My grams is probably one of the smartest people I know.  After watching me go through a string of bad dates and cheating boyfriends she gave me two pieces of advice.  1) Read the book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, and 2) date an older man. The book was life-changing. It is... Continue Reading →

Not Less

“Damn, girl! Your pockets are full!” Someone shouted at me. I was walking into the mall with my brother. I was thirteen, maybe fourteen. My brother laughed. Then he yelled something to him in my defense. “What did he mean, my pockets are full?” I asked. “He’s talking about your butt.” I lowered my head, […]... Continue Reading →

  I picked this image up from Oliva Munn on Pinterest. Ladies - it's ok to ask questions, pursue your dreams, own your sexuality, educate yourself, and to do what you think is right.  These behaviors may be viewed as "misbehaving" and when they are, consider the source. ;-x Red  

Jeep Meets Post

Back home from vacation and I send Tim out for take-out.  Conversation goes like this: Me: Hunny why don't you go sit down and have a cold beer and get some burgers for us. Tim: Ok. Can you back the jeep up to the garage while I'm gone? Me: I caaan... Tim: (laughing) just get... Continue Reading →

As our vacation draws to a close, I realize that we have taken no pictures of us.  All at once I realize it is because no selfie can capture a moment so exquisite as the glimmer of the sunrise through your partner's eyes. Hand in hand we walk this land. Shoulder to shoulder, toes in... Continue Reading →

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