4 Things I Learned From Failure

Failure sucks. Although most of us hate when we don't live up to the strict standards we impose on ourselves, sometimes failure can point us to a learning opportunity. For example, several years ago I tried to start a weekend adult dance class followed by a social hour. I mean, we are talking about my... Continue Reading →


The Gig Economy: 12 Lessons

In 2015 I entered the gig economy, better known to many as freelancing. Had you shown me a glimpse of my current life a few years ago I would have never believed it. Instead of hours and minutes filled with mundane activity that creates wealth for someone else, I work my ass off to put... Continue Reading →

To an Ex with Love

We broke up, and of course, it hurt. No one reached out to see if I was ok with the relationship ending. It was expected that life would hum along just as before. This, unfortunately, is the ordinary course of things when a friendship ends. Ending a friendship is different than ending a relationship.  There... Continue Reading →

Birthday Wish

On this, the eve of my birthday I wished for more if it. More laughter, more sunshine, more fun, more trips to unknown locales, more love, more dogs, more peering into the eyes of my lover.  More hugs, more holding hands, more time with family, more days without health issues.  More success. More wanting more.

Dating an Older Man

My grams is probably one of the smartest people I know.  After watching me go through a string of bad dates and cheating boyfriends she gave me two pieces of advice.  1) Read the book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, and 2) date an older man. The book was life-changing. It is... Continue Reading →

Would You Go All In?

As I am typing this post, I am crying. In fact, I have been crying for about three hours. You see, earlier this week I was thinking about pulling my shingle and going to work for someone else. I have been in business for exactly one year. It has been going well, I mean I... Continue Reading →

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