Sunday Funday: Gabriel’s Food + Wine

Yesterday was a real treat! I went to brunch at a new restaurant with one of my favorite people, Lori. When I say brunch, I mean bonus food alongside mimosas. Gabriel's Food + Wine is a new Gourmet Italian eatery located in downtown Cape Girardeau. The restaurant is situated in an old storefront, treating customers... Continue Reading →


Tonight’s Dinner: BBQ Chicken

It has been a busy week trying to catch up from Thanksgiving. Tonight's dinner was simple. BBQ chicken, smashed red potato and chopped broccoli. And bubbly, of course! 🙂 One of the caveats of a whole foods diet is to only eat single ingredients that can be found in your kitchen. But as we all... Continue Reading →

Roadtrip Snack

I am heading back from attending a conference in Kansas City. And of course I've got the munchies. Out of the seven different brands/styles of popcorn on the convenience store shelves I finally settled on this one: Out of all the choices Old Vienna out of St. Louis is the only option without a bunch... Continue Reading →

3 Fall-Inspired Cocktails

Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  So you know what that means: feasting, family, and football.  What goes better with a know-it-all mother-in-law and that uncle than a big ol' side of booze?? Readers, we got ya covered! We decided to put three of our favorite bartenders to the test by asking them to create... Continue Reading →

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