A Tale of Two Sisters: Grandparents

This is a photo of our grams when she was late 20's early 30's.  "Grams" got her name because she asked me to come up with something to call her that didn't make her sound so old and Grams is what stuck. Still to this day, everyone in the family refers to her as Grams.... Continue Reading →



Many months ago I looked, when we were still connected. I couldn't believe my eyes, and soon after defected. Ridicule my flaws, oh how I have reflected. A healed heart now moved on, as your stalking detected. Your trivial details shielded, forever now deflected.   ~By Brandi L. Holder  

Writing Prompt

I meander around the empty house, confined by the vow of my life sentence. I eat, but I am still hungry. I sleep, but I am still tired. The touch of emptiness cloaks me like the familiarity of a favorite blanket. As I pass through the hallway to retrieve more wine from the kitchen, I... Continue Reading →

A Bridge to Nowhere

The wedding is over. The pictures are done. We are enjoying a toast to the happy couple in the middle of a glorious wooden bridge that stretches the harbor in the warehouse district. The clouds have begun to roll across the sky, obliterating any chance of starlight this evening. Turning back to the task at... Continue Reading →

Manufactured Loneliness

The way you roll your eyes, your death grip sighs, no one is welcome here. I think such a pity, a girl made pretty, so full of ugliness. We came for a drink, wouldn't you think, a warless POW would cheer. Our happy convention, absent of contention,  wounded in manufactured loneliness.   Courtesy of Brandi... Continue Reading →

Who is Douglas?

A couple of weeks ago I brought you an excerpt from The Ghosts of Shelby Fierce that explored Shelby's ghost, Louis. Today I bring you the hot-headed Douglas. All at once I'm transported back to a drab bedroom. White walls. Worn beige carpet. Cheap brass colored plastic fixtures, remnants of the 80s. Suffocation. I know... Continue Reading →

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